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Ezoe Memorial Recruit Foundation supports globally active youth in fields music, sports, art and academia.

Ezoe Memorial Recruit Foundation

Ezoe Memorial Recruit Foundation was established as a Public Interest Incorporated Foundation to contribute to society on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Recruit Co. It was founded to support people with leadership ability, people brimming with curiosity and people who will become the movers and shakers of the future. Ever since it was established, it has funded scholarships and other activities, while recent years have seen our foundation support globally active youth in fields including music, sports, art and academia.

What we do

Recruit Scholarship

We support learning in music, sports, art and academia for talented youth who aim to be active on a global scale. Those who are chosen for the scholarship will receive funding for learning opportunities in their respective fields.

2020 Academic Division Scholarship Application Guideline
2020 Arts Division Scholarship Application Guideline

Financial support

Established to support those who will become global players in music, sports, art and academics, we award financial support for activities and organizations that will become the first steps for youth who aim to become globally active future leaders.

Hosting of concerts and exhibitions

We believe talent and extraordinary skills are further excelled when they are presented to a large audience. In line with this belief, we host various concerts and events for scholars and past scholars.

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Ezoe Memorial Recruit Foundation



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