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Recruit Scholarship Application Guideline

2020 Art Division
Recruit Scholarship Application Guideline

Ezoe Memorial Recruit Foundation aims to create opportunities for talented youth to become globally active, as well as support artists’ international activities by awarding financial aid for learning opportunities abroad.

Amount awarded : 250,000 JPY/month
Award period : April 2020 ~ March 2022

· Those who pass a yearly renewal process will receive financial aid during their time in a college/university abroad.
·Financial aid will be given until March of the year (starting from April) in which the recipient turns 27 regardless of above award period.
·Financial aid will be awarded from the month in which the recipient enrolls in a college / university abroad.
·Financial aid will be paused if recipient takes a leave of absence from their institution, and will end on the month of graduation regardless of above award period.
·Recipients are not required to repay for the award, and there are no conditions regarding what the recipient does after graduation, nor where the recipient will decide to work.
·Recipients may receive scholarships and other financial aid from other programs in combination with this scholarship.


Eligibility for scholarship will be granted to those who meet all of the below criteria

(1)Is born after April 1st, 1995 (2)Is enrolled or will be enrolled in a college/university outside of Japan on the list of eligible schools below. However, scholarship will only be awarded to those enrolled in regular programs. (3)Is strongly determined to be a “globally active artist” in the future (4)Is enrolled or plans to enroll in a program related to the arts.
*Majors other than art not eligible for application. e.g. design, architecture

※Those who are already enrolled are still eligible to apply.
※There are no conditions regarding nationality or place of residence.

Number of Recipients

Approximately 2 people

Application Period

(1)August 26, 2019 ~ October 4, 2019: Web application is open on foundation website. (2)October,2019: Selection meeting A 45-minute interview will be conducted either online or at an announced venue in Tokyo.

Application Requirements

The application process and interviews will be held in Japanese.

Please refer to the Japanese foundation website for more details.


Ezoe Memorial Recruit Foundation Office